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The Philly Black Worker Project (PBWP) is a Black led, Black run organizing vehicle with the mission (1) to lead and engage in campaigns that empower Black workers to advance our rights and improve job quality in key employment sectors; (2) to educate and agitate workers about the impacts of low-wage work and unemployment on Black communities; and (3) to prevent all forms of discrimination against Black workers and support them in overcoming barriers in their search for high quality employment.

We believe that every worker deserves to be treated with respect, dignity, and fairness - regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, justice impacted status or economic background. Our goal is to empower Black workers to take action against employers who seek to deny them their rights, and to advocate for policies that create a more just and equitable workplace for all.


Join us in our fight for worker justice today!

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Our Communities

We envision safe, resilient communities that are fully funded and flowing with the resources Black families need to live abundant lives- from healthy schools to high quality social housing. Our communities receive ongoing reparations for the harms perpetrated and rampant disinvestment that exist in Black communities. We see communities reliant on clean alternatives to the fossil fuel industry. Overall, we envision communities that place the people over profits.

Our Work

We envision a collective economy that prioritizes the needs of the people in our community and the land that we live on. Cooperative ownership models already exist. As these models become popular and tenable, Black workers can become collective owners of their labor and make decisions that directly benefit the worker communities they are a part of. We will build intentional workplaces that value the worker - regardless of race, physical ability, gender, sexual orientation and other identities. Our economies will make space for Black creators and makers to contribute their art and have economic stability.  Our social safety nets are expansive and  basic needs, and then some, are provided for so that employment does not dictate whether or not a family has their basic needs met.

Our Joy

It feels nearly impossible to imagine what creativity and art looks and sounds like, divorced from the confines of capitalism. But our visions for Black futures supports a future that makes room for the many identities Black people hold and encourages the exploration of identity and imagination through art. In our Black futures, leisure and art will now exist as extensions of our Black radical imaginations. In this future, people will have the resources and time to explore the activities that spark their curiosity and bring them joy. 

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