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The Philly Black Worker Project (The Project) utilizes collective action, policy change and community power-building to win quality jobs, reduce employment discrimination, and improve working conditions in industries that employ significant amounts of Black workers.

We believe that collective action can bring change to low road industries and shift power from employers to Black workers, so that they are employed in good jobs and treated with respect and dignity. We adopt an expansive definition of Black Workers that allows us to organize with an intersectional approach and recognize the many identities Black workers hold.

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In order to collectively shift power into the hands of Black Workers, we must engage in organizing that redistribute power and wealth- all while developing leaders in our community. We know that liberation can only be achieved if we are willing to engage in collective struggle and directly challenge those in power. Let's Organize! 

If we don't know our rights and the socio political context around us, how can we protect ourselves? We support Black Workers through Know Your Rights Trainings, alongside popular education modules, so that workers are informed and can both self advocate and take collective action!

Because so many of our jobs offer low wages and low quality, workers face so many barriers to success. We work with partner organizations to point workers in the right direction and get them the help they need, from unemployment assistance to expungement services. 

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